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About Matt



Matt Stewart has always had a passion for capturing beautiful images.

He began his career at just 17, as a cameraman for the Nine Network in Western Australia and within 5-years he had moved to Sydney, the heart of film and television production in Australia.

His work as a freelance cameraman took him across the country shooting for some of Australia’s highest rating television programs like; 60 Minutes, Australia’s Most Wanted and Wide World of Sports. He was also recruited to shoot documentaries around the world for National
Geographic Television USA.

The lure of shooting on film was so great that by 1999 Matt decided to make high-end commercials his career focus and has never looked back. As one of Australia’s most in demand Directors of Photography, with a swathe of awards under his belt, he was accredited by the Australia Cinematographers Society in 2004 – the highest honour you can bestow on a Cinematographer in Australia and entitling him to use the letters ACS behind his name.

Over the years Matt has shot in excess of 900 television commercials in over 30 countries, from China to the USA to Tibet and Iceland, filling several passports.

Matt has leant his unique eye and storytelling ability to such global brands as: Audi, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Ford, McDonalds, Lysol, Microsoft, Motorola, Tiffany & Co., Toyota, Shell Oil, Pfizer, Nokia, Mazda, FedEx, DHL, KFC, Qantas and many, many more.

With 28-years experience in the film and television industry, Matt Stewart ACS is just as passionate about capturing beautiful images as the day he first looked down a viewfinder.