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Baz Milas | Producer


Baz produces great work for people who have produced great ideas.

A freelance TV producer, based in Sydney, Baz is softly spoken, fastidious and respectful, always with an eye on the original intent of the creative team. Not just a producer, he understands the fragility of ideas and works hard to protect them.

Baz's experience includes major spots for Burnett's London, Colenso Auckland, Saatchi's Sydney, M&C Saatchi Sydney, Jack Watts Currie, John Bevins, BWM, MJW Hakuhodo, Mercer Bell, and more. And he understands advertising agencies and production companies inside out, giving him the ability to approach a job from  either perspective.  

Just ask David Bell Executive Creative Director at Mercer Bell, Rod James Head of TV M&C Saatchi or Rob Belgiovane at BWM. They'll tell you Baz is your man.

"Batman & Robin. Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. Laurel & Hardy. There are few duos as dynamic as Matt & Baz. I have had the pleasure of working with them as a team and also separately. In each case, they've been the epitome of hard work, great ideas and utmost professionalism. They get the job done as well as possible and have a laugh along the way. Perhaps we should coin a new duo...Batman & Hardy perhaps?"

Pete Ogden. Executive Creative Director.

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