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"I first met Matt Stewart on a shoot for Freedom Furniture in Italy.

Not only does he have a great eye, he’s a lovely guy to be away with on a shoot.

As DOP he was great with the client, very collaborative, without being detrimental to the final product."

Rob Belgiovane, Founder BWM Dentsu.

"I have known Matt for almost a decade and am happy to admit he is the only DOP that I have actually requested to be on a shoot. His professionalism, creative thinking and plain old can-do attitude has elevated every job I worked on with him. "

Pete Ogden, Executive Creative Director.

Matt consistently delivers beautiful imagery, but his talent for connection with clients is second to none. He’s professionalism personified”.

Julie Rutherford, Senior Agency Producer.

"Matt’s a perfectionist, in a good way. He went above and beyond to make our job look great, can’t ask for more.”

Ben O’Brien. Creative Director. Banjo.

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